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Contract Recruitment

Let RobLawMax bridge your skills gap.

Need to meet an unexpected peak? Looking to bring in specific expertise on a project basis? Whatever your needs, you’ll be wanting a recruitment partner that can provide you access to the contractors you need, exactly when you need them. With a comprehensive view of the local contracting market in both New Zealand and Australia, organisations have been coming to us for thirty years and counting. But why use us as your Engineering, Infrastructure and Construction recruiter?

  • With a long history in the contract recruitment market, we have built an extensive database of skill sets within Engineering, Infrastructure and Construction, enabling us to access a wide variety of skills quickly and effectively.

  • We are committed to working with you to ensure that our contractors stay healthy and safe while they work. For more information about our comprehensive Health & Safety programme, clickhere.

  • Like you, all of our people have a passion for the industries they specialise in, so you can be assured that we know your world inside-out.

  • We can scale our services to meet even the most dynamic project demands, so whether you need one contractor, or 50, RobLawMax can meet your needs with ease.

  • By using our timesheeting and payroll systems, it means your contractors will have their finances taken care of on your behalf.

Looking for a recruitment partner to support your contract hiring? Get the journey started with RobLawMax. With offices in Auckland, Wellington, Napier, Lower Hutt, Kapiti and Brisbane, we’ve got you sorted.
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