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Assembler Jobs

Assembler Jobs

How to Enter

In most cases, there are no specific education entry requirements to become an Assembler however, some New Zealand employers prefer candidates who are working towards, or have completed, a national certificate in the relevant area of Manufacturing. For example, an Electronics Manufacturing employer would seek someone with a National Certificate in Electronic Manufacturing.

Typical Responsibilities

The day-to-day responsibilities of an Assembler could include some or all of the following:

  • Following instructions for assembly

  • Ordering production materials

  • Punching or drilling holes in the parts to be assembled

  • Welding, screwing, bolting or clipping parts together or operating computer systems that perform assembly tasks

  • Checking final product products for faults

  • Conducting any necessary modifications

  • Packing the finished product


Following a few years’ experience and some training, Assemblers may progress into supervisory or managerial roles on the assembly floor. In addition, they may also choose to specialise and become an Aluminium Joiner, Electrical Goods Assembler, Machinery Assembler or Metal and Wooden Goods Assembler.

Salary Range

Entry: 33K – 40K per annum (NZD)

Experienced (3+ years): 40K – 55K per annum (NZD)​