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Automation Engineer Jobs

Automation Engineer Jobs

How to Enter

To increase your chances at securing an Automation Engineer role in New Zealand, it’s highly recommended to complete a relevant degree in Electronics, Power or Mechanical Engineering, or a similar field. This is because currently, there aren’t many courses dedicated to Automation Engineering and many of the core skills will be taught through hands-on career experience.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical responsibilities of an Automation Engineering could include any of the following:

  • Programming and testing automated systems, machinery and processes

  • Researching and designing prototype automation machinery

  • Creating specification documentation for machinery

  • Ensuring machinery is designed in compliance with Health & Safety standards

  • Resolving problems in automated machinery and processes


As more manufacturers turn to automation to increase efficiency, production and reduce costs, the demand for Automation Engineers is steadily growing. Most Engineers in this space progress their careers and become specialists with the aim to drive the future of this industry forward.

Salary Range

45K – 100K per annum (NZD)