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CAD Technician Jobs

CAD Technician Jobs

How to Enter

The primary path to becoming an Architectural Technician is to complete a New Zealand Diploma in Architectural Draughting, Architectural Technology or Architectural Design. Alternatively, professionals can complete a Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS), or a Master of Architecture to further improve their chances of securing a role.

In addition, Architecture Technicians can apply for a professional licence under the Licensed Building Practitioners scheme which has three levels of competencies:

  • Design 1 (Houses)

  • Design 2 (Complex commercial or residential buildings)

  • Design 3 (Large or publicly important buildings)

Architectural Technicians who have completed a Master of Architecture (MArch) can work towards becoming a Registered Architect.

Typical Responsibilities

The day-to-day responsibilities for an Architectural Technician can include some or all of the following:

  • Designing detailed architectural drawings of buildings and structures

  • Researching various building materials

  • Understanding building sketches and instructions

  • Ensuring architectural schematics comply with statutory and regulatory building requirements and manufacturer/supplier instructions

  • Building 3D models of projects

  • Managing construction work and carrying out site visits

  • Helping with any building consent processes

  • Working with other building and architectural professionals

  • Liaising with clients


Once experienced, Architectural Technicians can work their way into more technician roles or lead draughting teams. If they have an eye for design, Architectural Technicians can also work as Architectural Designers and create their own plans, or they can study a Master of Architecture degree to become Registered Architects. Alternatively, experienced Architectural Technicians can also move into Project Management.

Salary Range

Entry: 40K – 50K per annum (NZD)

Experienced (3+ years): 51K – 100K per annum (NZD)