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Geotechnical Engineer Jobs

Geotechnical Engineer Jobs

​How to Enter

Completing a Bachelor of Engineering and specialising in a relevant field is a fantastic way to improve your chances of securing a Geotechnical Engineer job here in New Zealand. However, some employers may expect you to have a Professional Master of Engineering Geology.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical responsibilities of a Geotechnical Engineer can include any of the following:

  • Taking and analysing soil, rock, groundwater or other earthly materials prior to construction

  • Consulting geological maps and aerial photography to provide advice on proposed construction sites

  • Investigating environmental impact of proposed construction sites

  • Using computer-aided design (CAD) to assist in the design of large structures (dams, tunnels, walls, jetties) and their foundations

  • Supervising onsite construction

  • Troubleshooting geologically and environmental problems


A skilled and talented Geotechnical Engineer can progress their career by moving on to more complex, larger projects and possibly work overseas as a consultant. Alternatively, Geotechnical Engineers can also move into other specialist areas of Engineering later in their careers, or into a managerial role.

Salary Range

45K – 120K per annum (NZD)