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Licensed Cadastral Surveyor Jobs

Licensed Cadastral Surveyor Jobs

How to Enter

New Zealand law states that only a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor can certify a cadastral (land title) survey. To become a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor, you will need to obtain a Bachelor of Surveying (BSurv), and then complete two years of practical work, a series of tests, and then give a presentation of your practical work to the Cadastral Surveyors Licensing Board.

Typical Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor may include any of the following:

  • Surveying land, sea, lakes, coastlines and rivers

  • Conducting and certifying cadastral (land title) surveys and identifying boundaries

  • Ensuring current records and measurements are accurate

  • Creating reports on survey data

  • Preparing maps and charts

  • Aiding in the mapping and planning of new structures, such as roads, piping and bridges

  • Liaising with clients, government officials and other professionals on surveying and development projects

  • Conducting environment impact assessments of any proposed work


Given enough experience, a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor can move into a more senior or managerial role within a surveying or construction business or become a consultant. Alternatively, a Surveyor could also progress into any of the following specialist areas: Civil Engineering Surveying, Hydrographic Surveying, Underground Mine Surveying or Map Making.

Salary Range

50K – 80K per annum (NZD)​