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Mechanical Engineer Jobs

Mechanical Engineer Jobs

​How to Enter

A common pathway to becoming a Mechanical Engineer within the Oil and Gas industry, is to complete a New Zealand Diploma in Engineering combined with relevant work experience. However, you can also complete a Bachelor of Engineering, specialising in Mechanical Engineering to provide your career with a competitive boost.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical daily job responsibilities of a Mechanical Engineer can include some or all of the following:

  • Determining work requirements

  • Investigating existing systems and preparing reports based on findings

  • Identifying the environmental and safety risks of planned work

  • Drawing specifications for machines and parts

  • Calculating cost estimates for jobs

  • Supervising the building, installation, repair and replacement of systems

  • Reviewing and testing new systems


Following a few years of experience, Mechanical Engineers can move into a more senior role within an Oil & Gas engineering firm. Alternatively, Engineers can also become a consultant within an engineering consultancy or move into Project Engineering. That said, Mechanical Engineering is a broad discipline and many professionals choose to specialise further within this field, including HVAC, Energy Resources, Manufacturing or even Robotics.

Salary Range

Entry: 50K – 56K per annum (NZD)

Experienced (2+ years): 56K – 77K per annum (NZD)