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Principal Town Planner Jobs

Principal Town Planner Jobs

​How to Enter

To become a Principal Town Planner, most New Zealand employers will expect you to have a Postgraduate Degree in Planning or Resource Management, as well as extensive previous experience in the Planning and Resource Management industry.

Typical Responsibilities

The role of a Principal Town Planner can include any of the following:

  • Planning town and city infrastructure, including buildings, roads, highways, streets, car parks, recreational parks, reserves, facilities and utilities

  • Acquiring resource and planning consents

  • Analysing the development of residential, environmental and commercial areas

  • Researching and reporting the effects of proposed developments, particularly on the environment

  • Collecting and analysing social, environmental and economic data

  • Presenting reports to Government, local councils, companies and clients


For many Principal Town Planners, the next step in their careers is to stead towards management or Policy Administration.

Salary Range

95K – 103K per annum (NZD)