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Service Technician Jobs

Service Technician Jobs

How to Enter

To improve your chances of becoming a Service Technician in New Zealand, we recommend that you gain a trade qualification, such as a New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical). Alternatively, you could also gain a New Zealand Diploma in Engineering Practice which leads to certification as an Engineering Technician.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical job responsibilities of a Service Technician can include the following:

  • Servicing and upgrading machinery and equipment

  • Contacting supplies for machinery parts, equipment and tools

  • Monitoring equipment and machinery

  • Providing and training others to conduct routine maintenance


With experience, Service Technicians can often move into supervisory or management roles or specialist further in Engineering and Machinery.

Salary Range

Entry: 40K – 60K per annum (NZD)

Experienced: 60K – 80K per annum (NZD)