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Signalling Engineer Jobs

Signalling Engineer Jobs

How to Enter

To become a Signalling Engineer, many New Zealand employers will expect you to have a Bachelor of Engineering degree, specialising in Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical or Mechatronics.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical responsibilities of a Signalling Engineer can include all or some of the following:

  • Designing rail signalling assets such as signals, track circuits, train detection systems etc.

  • Upgrading existing rail signalling networks, systems and equipment

  • Designing automated rail signal and control systems

  • Using CAD to create models of rail designs

  • Ensuring all work is completed to regulatory and Health & Safety standards

  • Training and managing other Rail industry staff


Many Signalling Engineers go on to become experts and specialists within this field. However, other options include moving into other areas of Engineering or the Rail and Transportation industry.

Salary Range

50K – 92K per annum (NZD)