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Tunnelling Engineer Jobs

Tunnelling Engineer Jobs

How to Enter

The primary way of becoming a Tunnelling Engineer in New Zealand is to either complete a Bachelor of Engineering and specialise in Civil Engineering, or a Bachelor of Engineering Technology and specialise in Civil Engineering – Roading & Transportation. Having previous industry experience will also be greatly beneficial if you plan to plan to apply for more senior-level roles.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical responsibilities of a Tunnelling Engineer can include the following:

  • Planning the construction of tunnels, including which methods to use

  • Operating and overseeing the use of tunnel boring machines and controlled demolitions

  • Designing, installing and testing tunnel ventilation systems

  • Ensuring tunnel construction projects meet deadlines and stay within budgets

  • Ensuring all work completed is to regulatory and Health & Safety standards

  • Carrying out site inspectors and audits

  • Liaising with construction management and other building professionals

  • Training and managing other onsite staff


Many Tunnelling Engineers decide to take their careers further towards Transportation or Civil Engineering. In any case, possessing experience and qualifications in Civil Engineering can open up many doors, such as OHE Engineering or Planning and Resource Management, to name a few.

Salary Range

45K – 75K per annum (NZD)